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ShawOpen Wifi Throttling

Question asked by thalps29 on Jun 13, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 18, 2019 by thalps29

I know that Shaw claims to not throttle but my experience would make it seem like they do. I have used the same ShawOpen connection for a year now and up until about a month ago it was great. Now when I first log on I have speeds of at least 30Mps but after approximately 2 minutes it will drop down to 1Mps and be almost unusable. I have screenshots from showing this. I have 3 different devices one is an MSI Gamer Laptop, one is a Microsoft surface and one is an iPhone and all three have the exact same thing happen, fast for the first 2 minutes then slower than dialup. Clearly its not signal strength or blockages etc. Any ideas? PS I have Shaw 300 at home and it works as advertised on all devices.