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Channel Surfing/Guide Frustrations

Question asked by blaine19 on Jun 13, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 14, 2019 by shaw-tamara

Just had BlueSky installed and am having some frustration with the guide/channel surfing. I have set the default guide as Free to Me. Shouldn't this allow me to scroll through just the channels that I have access to? It appears to do this when there are one or two unsubscribed channels to skip. But whenever there are a large group of unsubscribed channels I am forced to plow through all the "Subscription Required" messages. If I then press the guide button, the guide resets back to channel 100. This happens every time I press the guide button while viewing a "Subscription Required" message. What's the problem here?


Also, one of my favorite features in the Gateway system was the ability to block channels from showing (subscribed or unsubscribed) from the channel list so that I could scroll straight through all the channels without seeing any that I had no interest in. For example, I would block all the kids channels as I had no interest in seeing them as I surfed. Can I do the same thing with BlueSky?