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How can I stop Shaw webmail from secretly deleting emails from the Inbox?

Question asked by gilliana on Jun 22, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 27, 2019 by shaw-tony

A few weeks ago, I noticed that suddenly emails from March 2019 started to be transferred from my Shaw webmail Inbox to the Trash folder without any sort of notice or warning.  This means that before I empty the Trash folder, I have to check for March 2019 emails that I want to keep and move them back to the Inbox . . . every time.  I don't know how long this has been going on and how many emails I deleted that I wanted to keep because Shaw had stuck them in at the bottom of the Trash folder where I didn't notice them.  I’m now sorting Trash with oldest emails at the top so the emails I want to keep and that shouldn’t be there are visible.


I keep my webmail below 90%, usually around 81-84%  (currently 82%.)


I have older emails in my Inbox going back to 2018.  Currently, Shaw webmail isn't trying to vanish them - just emails from March 2019.


However, at some point, it looks as though Shaw webmail *did* vanish my older emails without notice or warning, because all my older emails from 2017 through to July 17 2018 have now also disappeared.  I have Inbox subfolder that seems to be exempt from secret deletion because its oldest email is still from December 5 2017.


I wondered if the Outlook on my desktop was involved, but that doesn't seem to be the reason either, because the mysterious trashing of March 2019 emails in my Shaw webmail seems to happen whether my Outlook is open or not and also happens overnight despite my desktop being turned off for the night.  (Before you ask, I have Outlook configured to pull emails from Shaw webmail without deleting them from the webmail.  This allows me to select emails to keep on my desktop that are different from the emails I want to keep on my desktop.)


I looked at the Shaw webmail settings but there doesn't seem to be anything along the lines of "Stop moving emails from the Inbox to Trash unless I tell you to do so" or "Ask me for permission to move emails from the Inbox to Trash" or even "Notify me if you move any emails from the Inbox so I will know to move them back to the Inbox before emptying the Trash."


I'm not sure why Shaw webmail suddenly decided to start booting keeper emails from my Inbox to the Trash folder but I would really like it to stop - help please?