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Shaw, Why the Change?

Question asked by kaycee01p on Jun 22, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 15, 2019 by shaw-tony

What has Shaw done, when using the Remote for Info, this past week of June 2019??

Info, More Episodes, Other Times etc, it all sucks now...

See photo for example!

It Never used to look this way or need these EXTRA Steps to Scroll to wherever..

Even the Record Options has changed!

It's just Ridiculous Why you'd Ruin a good thing!!

I don't understand Why the Change or Why you would Ruin a good thing with the Remote Access, and Change it to something that takes way more steps to get to where I want to go, when before it was so much easier!?

Please change the system back to prior to this week!! Thanks!


Also, what's with sooo much screen FREEZING, especially when watching my PVR's?? It makes me lose alot of recorded content! Arghhh...