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Gateway (Arris MP2000) Remote Power Button

Question asked by abdba on Jul 6, 2019
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Hi folks,


I had my Gateway system installed a number of years ago.  At the time, the installer programmed the remotes for both my TV and Audio receiver.  He configured the Arris MP2000 remotes so that the power button would power off/on both the TV and the Audio receiver.  And it worked great that way for years.  Actually he did that for both an upstairs Gateway portal, TV, and Audio receiver, and a downstairs set.


Now I've replaced the Audio receiver in one of the locations and I no longer have the power button powering both.  I updated the code for the new audio receiver according to the instructions  .  That site found my model of receiver and gave me the code.  The code works and controls the volume on the new Audio receiver but power now only controls the TV.


This is nothing to do with ARC - I have always had that disabled.  It was something to do with the Gateway portal remote's programming.  Some sort of special setting.  He explained at the time that it will send the power on/off signals to both devices when pressed.  And it did - worked great until the receiver change.


So my question is: how do I program the remote to power both the TV and Audio receiver?