IP Passthrough or Bridge Mode?

Discussion created by rvthereyet on Jul 1, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 2, 2019 by shaw-tony

Just wondering why I would choose one or the other ... the advantages and disadvantages of each? 


I currently have IP Passthrough enabled on my Hitorn through a port (as opposed to the MAC address) and have connected a Linksys router to that port.


From my own perspective, I like that I can enable/disable IP Passthrough myself (if I ever want to to do that) by going into the router settings, whereas for Bridge Mode I have to contact Shaw (and there can be long wait-times for chat or phone support).


I know in IP Passthrough the Hitron wifi signals stay active and in Bridge Mode they are turned off (I like the idea of having the additional wifi network to use, for guests as an example).


Other than that, why would I choose one or the other ... Is one "better" than the other, and why? Does one provide higher speeds to my router? Are there any internet security risks from one to the next? 


Thanks for any insights you can provide