Samsung Update Issue - 70.64.x.x/10 - Possibly 70.x.x.x/8

Discussion created by kme0801 on Jul 4, 2019
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I've been having issues checking for updates on some of my Samsung devices (particularly Android and Tizen) for at least a couple months now on my Shaw connection.  The update check takes a really long time and eventually just times out with an error (see screenshots from one of the cell phones).  Switching over to cellular (in my case Rogers) fixes the issue immediately with the check succeeding.  I assumed it was the configuration of my own network and did the usual troubleshooting of resetting everything and eventually bypassing all of my equipment entirely (going direct to the modem which was in bridge mode providing a public IP).  Even direct the connection would time out.  I did a network capture with it reconnected to my equipment, and it appeared that my device was trying (and failing) to connect to  I tested ping, traceroute, and curl with all of them timing out.


Thinking the issue was Shaw related I remotely connected to work to test.  I was able to ping and complete a traceroute without issue (non Shaw connection).  Doing a curl -i results in a connection reset, while curl -i results in an error.  I have remote access to some of my family members homes to help with technical issues and I checked there as well with interesting results.  Two of the three connections were fine (one Shaw, one SaskTel), with the third Shaw connection (in an entirely different city) having the same issues I was having with the connection ultimately timing out.  I reached out to friends within the city that were also on Shaw with two out of the four also encountering the same issues.  One of them suggested I check Shaw Go WiFi to test which did not appear to have the issue.


With multiple Shaw connections having issues (but not all) I reached out to Shaw Technical Support.  The agent I got wasn't really able to understand what I was talking about and unfortunately wasn't able to do much other than make a note on my file that I was having issues with updating Samsung devices.  Expecting more of the same with additional phone calls, I reached out to contacts I had at Shaw to see if they could escalate anything internally.  We began looking at the IP ranges and noticed that all of the failing connections were in the 70.64.x.x/10 range while all the successful connections were well outside that (e.g. Shaw Go Wi-Fi had 24.x.x.x and the working Shaw connections for friends family were in the 174.x.x.x range).  Internally they were able to assign themselves an IP address in the affected range and reproduce the issue.  An internal ticket number thus far is IN 574255 but unfortunately it hasn't gotten a lot of traction (the ticket was created at the end of May and I had already been troubleshooting it myself on and off for a couple weeks).



I'm posting this on the forums for others who may have been having similar issues.  Thus far my local contacts haven't been able to escalate things very high so hopefully by posting here other Shaw clients are aware (in case they're having the same issue) and we can raise some awareness to get it fixed.



My assumption at this point is a misconfigured/misadvertised route for the 70.x.x.x/8 or 70.64.x.x/10 range.  I can work around the issue for now with a cellular hotspot but I'd my preference is of course to just see the issue fixed.