Shaws connection to Twitch Servers is terrible!

Discussion created by s2celerity on Jul 4, 2019
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I have the Shaw 600/20 plan and always get full speed with the speed test, but when you go to test the connection to any twitch server to live stream it is always below 4000-5000 bitrate to the best server available 95% of the time; on the rare occasion you can get the 10k+ that is the usual with uploads of 20mbps, but it is extremely rare!


I have contacted twitch 2 weeks ago and yet to get a reply, apparently a lot of people have yet to get replies from cases theyve opened 2-3 months ago even.


Ive had plenty of shaw techs over to look and see if they can resolve the problem, but there is nothing wrong with my router or modem, it is just the connection from Shaw to Twitch servers that are messed up!


For the 4+ years that I have seen user complaining that they cannot stream properly through twitch with shaw internet, you would think Shaw themselves would address the issue by contacting twitch and getting the situation resolved themselves, it is beyond ridiculous that this be a problem as long as it has been.


especially since some people make a living streaming on twitch,

Please actually do something about this,

I would switch to a different ISP if it wasnt for the shaw open internet service you provide. You would think instead of customers being furious with you and getting them to try and contact twitch themselves you would go directly to twitch and resolve it yourselves for your customers sakes.


And yes I have been through all the speedtest, traceroute, etc... bs and posting all the statistics over and over, please do not bother going through the regular speel.