Recording Shows - "Keep One" setting

Discussion created by mike0687 on Jul 12, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 15, 2019 by shaw-tony

I used to be able to have the BlueSky PVR set to just keep one show.  This was very useful because I record several shows every day.  If I miss a day of News for example, I'm not going to go and try and watch it once the new news is out.  It's done/expired/not of interest.   After many months of enjoying this feature, the "Keep One" button was tampered with over at the developer side and no longer works. 


Now, when I go to my show, instead of seeing just the latest one there, I might see 6 or 7 old ones that I am not going to watch. I can't just go and DELETE ALL or I'll delete current too, so I have to delete them all one by one or - watch my show first and then, if I remember go back in, and the delete them all.  This is such an inconvenience and not at all helpful.


When you are recording 3 or 4 dailies this can be a real pain not to mention it fills up my PVR with garbage.  The support team at Shaw does not recognise this as a bug (seriously)????  If you are missing your functioning "Keep One" setting on series record, please let them know you don't appreciate it.   I am just one voice but I know that 99% of people will just sit back and suffer.  It's just so much  easier to let things slide and settle for second best and let things slide.