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Time of Day Rules NOT TAKING EFFECT on Cisco DPC3825

Question asked by adamhawkins on Mar 11, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 25, 2013 by tiger955

Someone please tell me why no Access Restrictions of any kind will work on my Cisco DPC3825 modem. Saving simple settings such as the Blocked Domain List yields no difference in the function of my internet... however I am most concerned with setting my Time of Day Rules. Despite the intuitively-designed admin interface, I have looked up and made sure to follow the online directions to the letter (Shaw Wireless Modem - Parental Controls - Cisco DPC3825) Yes, I have checked on my Device's time under Status. Incidentally, it is 8 hours ahead of my local time (despite supposedly being set by my ISP), but accounting for this time difference in my settings, or even checking "All day" results in the same response: nothing happens. Thanks for any help!