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Useless evenings download bandwidth in Saskatoon Riversdale area

Question asked by scottl on Mar 11, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 21, 2013 by scottl

Posting here on the extremely unlikely chance that anyone at this company is paying attention or cares to.  Have been a customer for over 4 years, always pay my bill every month.  Since November this service has been getting completely ridiculous and this is kind of a last chance situation.  I've been calling in monthly to report the issues with unusable service between roughly 6pm and midnight every day.  I get the standard response every time that they need to book a technician as there is a problem, which obviously there's nothing within my home they can correct.  My service is perfect, exactly as it was when I first signed up and every day prior to about 4 or 5 months ago until these "peak" hours of the day.  They clearly know there is an issue since i see these posts all over the message boards here, yet they still try to make it seem as though the issue has something to do with (hardware, modem levels, the standard excuses).  I've explained that I've logged many occasions where my speedtests are around 3 mbps download in the evenings, yet when i check 8am in the morning, back to around 45 mbps as they normally should be.  I'm having a hard time paying my bill every month only to have a service that is completely unusable during these hours when we would like to do such things as watch netflix, maybe online gaming and are unable to do so.  I pay for a 50mbps line, but receive a 3mbps.  If were to pay for 50 litres of gas or 50 dollars of groceries and was knowlingly by that business only provided with 3 that would be a form of theft if I'm not mistaken. 


I'm providing an opportunity to keep a good customer.  I will change provider shortly since I am not being given any info about when this problem will be fixed (most of the time they try to blame the issues on something else) nor offered any sort of refund for the months that I have been unable to use what I have been promised.