Feeling others fear

Discussion created by fredflinstone on Mar 11, 2013

Please relax I mean its really bothering me that this tv show's heart starts racing then my heart starts racing next thing you know I am having a panic attack.  I must think calm thoughts.... relax breath out breath in focus on the good things in life oh yes my shaw bill is in ahhh yess 5% off nice nice nice. lol


Where was I?  Oh yes my question I indeed have one!  I still haven't got a digital box and I am affraid of losing channel 17 dam thing was nearly gone last week it was all staticy and crackly I thought internet was on 11-13?  Is the internet interfearing with my tv station?


So yes if I by a cheap digital convertor on the internet somewhere like ebay will that work?  My TV is someone elses account and I dont want to keep bothering them to get one.