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Dct700 on second tv - nothing available

Question asked by rianwall on Mar 11, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 20, 2013 by shaw-matt

We have the HD digital package that gives us a bunch of channels in the 200. Our main tv in connected to our HD PVR. About a year ago we bought a second tv, got a second cable outlet opened for about $10 and put my 4 year old DCT700 box with it (it was new when i bought it).  We never got a lot of channels on this tv - I assumed this was because we had a HD package and this box is just a digital box, not HD. It didn't bother us cause we barely used this tv anyway. Well, after a few months of not using this tv, we tried to watch tv only to find NONE of the channels are available anymore. We get the guide and can see what's on at what time but when trying to watch ANY channel we are told the channel is not available (even basic CBC and CTV).  What's going on? It worked sort of for about 6 months or more giving us SOME channels....