"Remember the good ole' days when TV was entertaining"

Discussion created by red on Mar 12, 2013
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I was wondering why Vancouver customers receive KVOX, which is from the METV network.  It has the shows that we grew up on and was pure entertainment.  Show like; Columbo, I dream of Jeanie, Gunsmoke, Bonanza, Bewitched, Carol Burnett Show, and the like.  Presently we're watching over 100 channels on television for a premium price that are complete garbage.  Some of these channels are full of the same show that are all repeats from 6 month's ago.  It's a shame that these networks can't even fill their channels with different shows. My wife and I only watch a handful of channels to try and see something new, but these are the channels that don't come in packages, but are purchased separately. It appears that SHAW knows the good channels and only offers those in package deals, that will come with more crap channels. In the 70's & 80's television was very entertaining, but today it is really junk. The rest of the providers offer nothing any better. Dollar wise, SHAW is costing a  premium price for junk television. This is not SHAW'S fault completely, but I've read from numerous threads on the internet that there have been a lot of complaints to SHAW about getting KVOX for the rest of the country, but they aren't interested.  I've also read that METV has approached SHAW many times, but SHAW isn't interested in getting this channel for the rest of Canada.  I even checked on their satellite service, but it doesn't have it either.