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Im assuming its business as usual

Question asked by fredflinstone on Mar 13, 2013

Shaws promos on price point are all about getting the customer over to the service and making that one platform the base platform to test all clients or a large majority of them on the network to experiment with what the network really can handle.


however either way Im told engineers are working on my current problem.


Today, Im down to below 40% of my download I would guess if I had to (throughput) both channels active is the only way to measure ture congestion imho ie if I am uploading and downloading at the same time yet if I do major disapointment....


Its a struggle to stay above the old 750KBS barrier with no upstream at all and even with 2% of the upstream in use Im down to below 750KBS around 600 which tells me these feather like caps are incapable of any sustained throuput and Im guessing the 20/.5 is really saturated due to promotional pricing.


Why is there something everyone would really like , like 5MBS / 1.5MBS which would make the scale up not so brutal at 500% and less shockign during updates on plans to your guys in the back. 


I just dont get it.


Everyone keeps dancing around the ( We can't really compete with Telus and willing to do anything to stay expensive and massively over capacity)


I dont much care if telus seems to be pulling the strings but we just can't seem to get something under 40$ again becasue shaw is maxing out its downstream by compensating on the expensive upstream to maximize profits.  Yeah make big bucks with least amount of cost is all shaw seems to care about.  Why not go back a level and create a 5/1.5 plan that is competive we all know telus wouldn't have any clients after that other tahn those causing the problems I guess with insane bandwidth caps to people just in the industry and not making a effort to deliver on a price and bandwith package that makes sense. 


These choices are just like having no options unless you want to go insane speeds or work on something that feels like if you stare at the upstream wrong you lose 60% of your downstream.


As a torrent user if you download a free linux distro is a good example at seeing how bad it really can get.