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new channel BC1 (SD 21/HD 216) not showing up in HD Guide on DCX3200/3510

Question asked by bcb on Mar 14, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 25, 2013 by kevinds

well, Global's new 24hrs news channel BC1 launched today, and is presently an exclusive to Shaw


but guess what, I can't view it on Shaw's latest hardware the DCX3200P2-M and DCX3510M !  - FAIL


the new HD Guide of course only shows channels you subscribe to (great feature, BTW!), and neither channel 21 (SD) nor channel 216 (HD) show up in the guide. As per normal HD Guide operation, if you try to punch in a channel number you don't receive, the number turns red on screen then you switch to the nearest authorized channel.  There's no way to tune to the channel with the HD Guide boxes.


meanwhile my lowly DCT700 SD terminal started showing chan 21 in the guide early this morning, well before the 9am launch of the channel.


I even tried forcing a reload of the guide (press "A" then 41191) but still no dice on either my 3200 or 3510