Motorola DCX3400 DVR with Expander now showing space used!

Discussion created by shawforever on Mar 16, 2013
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Has anyone noticed their DVR expander or external HDD used as an expander start registering the amount of space used?

System: Shaw Motorola DCX3400 DVR with 500 GB internal HDD

               Cavalry 1 TB external esata HDD in aluminum case with power supply and on/off switch used as Expander

Method: Record AT LEAST 200 movies/shows on expander. The LIST button on the DCX3400 remote will then show the amount of disk space used in percentage. All previous threads and posts I have read so far on topic show everyone thinks: there is a communication problem and/or glitch between the DCX3400 or other device and the expander. The real reason no percentage of space used on expander shows, is that not ENOUGH data has been recorded to register any space used, as even 1 TB is very huge.

Next project is hooking up a 2nd esata HDD using an esata multiplier available at to see if you can toggle between the HDD's. This multiplier can handle 5 esata cables so in theory, one could connect a whole collection of expanders to the DCX3400 merely by turning the respective HDD on and off as desired. Happy recording!