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Cisco DPC3825 parental control doesn't work

Question asked by tiger955 on Mar 16, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 31, 2013 by tiger955

Does anyone know how to set the router to turn off the wifi at a specified time?

I've tried the suggestions on here, setting up 'users' 'time of day rules' 'basic rules' & as I understand you check the 'Enable Parental Control' box & 'enable' to turn it on. All that happens is access to the internet is blocked as soon as the 'Enable Parental Control' is enabled regardless of basic rules or time of day set! Even the login box doesn't appear in Firefox when using Ubuntu, it does though when using MS Windozzze & Firefox & I can login & surf.
Also the time is GMT not local, shown under Status, so is it GMT time I use for 'time of day rules'?


Why is the interface so complicated & user unfriendly!!