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Hey!!  Did Analog Channels Change?

Question asked by marlana on Mar 17, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 17, 2013 by shaw-colin

As of June 2012, I purchased a regular digital box.  (I didn't have an HD television at the time so I wasn't fussy about watching HD, thus only getting a digital box).   Also, I still use a DVD recorder (haven't splurged yet for a PVR).  This means that all this time I've had HD channels (which I didn't watch in HD but that's besides the point), and also could still enjoy my analog channels when viewing through my DVD recorder.  I have a basic package for cable (it's called "Personal TV" on my bill), and was told when I switched to digital that the HD channels would be "basic" but my analog channels would still be accessible.  This meant I still could enjoy many other channels I couldn't in HD such as A&E, Discovery, Bravo, MuchMore, TCM--which were actually more of my favourite channels!


Recently I went channel surfing and found that my analog channels only went up to channel 28.  What happened?!