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RE: Email set up in windows mail

Question asked by bmkirker on Mar 17, 2013
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Followed directions as per link and prior conversations HOWEVER, as soon as set email to "Keep a copy of message on the server" it DELETED ALL emails from the shaw server adn can NO LONGER access ANY of the emails!! THis seems contrary to the instructions.  My husband's email, however WAS receiving all the messages fine on our WINDOWS MAIL but NONE would appear on the webmail server. SO I foolishly investigated adn found the box was checked for "SAVE A COPY TO SERVER" as well as the under-box of "DELETE on server when deleted".  Now i canged this to UNCHECK the box and hope that perhaps he will now receive messages on the server.

ANy possible solutions?

Looked into this as was not receiving ALL messages on WINDOWS MAIL since setting up my I-Phone.