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The " Actual Modem "

Question asked by swedishmeatballs on Mar 17, 2013
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Ok I kind of put this title at the top as a joke but the modem I received at the beginning was unfair.  To give a customer a modem that makes it impossible to change the dns servers I find very upsetting.  I know why though.


  • Eliminates the need to think and strengthens recursion integrety and throughput positivity to the first hop which is usually 100% loss


I am not saying this to talk down shaw in any way but I can see why you would force this on customers.  But to blame the customer is unfair as well.  I am probably talking to the quire at this point but I really would be embarissed to give something like that which demonstrates the fact things are pretty unstable and bandwidth is getting spread pretty thin overall.


I did eventually get the Motorola dosis 2.0 4x2 I think it is again.  I now have my custom dns servers put in which are 80ms faster than shaws.  My recursion is faster as well for browser but I know now unfortunately since its not on shaws dns servers its put less recursion for anything looking up my address but why would anything be looking up my address anyway or expect to see the internet I guess.  Who knows.


I am happy with the speed of surfing now which is way faster browsing from website to website which was slower with shaws own dns servers.


So I was curious if a installer might be able to respond to my question.  Is shaw still giving customers a modem that (locks dns servers).  And do you think this is fair to customers that want to change them?




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