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Slow home-hosted server?

Question asked by fishchip on Mar 18, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 19, 2013 by kevinds

I know it wasn't this slow earlier with this same connection and router. Modem, possibly.


I'm trying to host a small message board for some friends. I've registered a domain name with GoDaddy and pointed it at my IP. (I know, it's dynamic, it could change, I can alter the domain name manually. =P) When I try to access any page on my webserver, it takes a good 14-20 seconds to serve the page; it stalls out on 'Waiting for <sitename>' in the browser. It's not name resolution, because it does the same thing with the straight IP, and it's not the webserver because pulling it up as localhost or using the machine's local IP is fine,


This problem didn't exist last time I played around with self-hosting; the only thing I can think that may have changed was downgrading to the basic modem  (Motorola SB5102) when I ratcheted it back to High Speed 10. All other internet functions are normal. =) Did something change on Shaw's side?