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Cisco DPC3825 problem with Samsung TV DLNA

Question asked by dlnashaw on Mar 19, 2013
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I just got my modem replaced a week ago from SMC to Cisco DPC3825. Now DLNA doesn't work with my Samsung TV LN46D630.

I searched online and found some threads that say that this is due to bugs in Cisco router (its firewall) that blocks DLNA packets. Shaw customer service told me that the firmware has since been updated and they told me that their customers are now able to stream DLNA with this router. However, this is not helpful to me as it doesn't solve anything. I got my router last week so I assume I should have the latest firmware.


Another thread mentioned that I should put my router in DMZ and connect a 2nd router to be used for DLNA, but I dont own another spare router.

Note that DLNA used to work fine with the old SMC router, so configuration on my DLNA server or my TV is not the problem. As soon as I switched to the Cisco router, DLNA stopped working. WHen I turn on my TV, the Ethernet light on the Cisco router turns orange.


The reason I switched from SMC router is that it had problems connecting with my Ipad and iphone frequently.


Does anyone else have problems with this router and DLNA, and manage to solve it?