It's time for a survery, Shaw Cable!

Discussion created by duckysan1 on Mar 20, 2013
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It's remarkable that Shaw Cable has not surveyed their client base about what service we actually want.  New channels arrive, seemingly randomly, and most I would not have chosen.  Even though I have several HD packages, I am denied the opportunity to purchase individual channels - recently asked for CNN and Speed, only to be brushed off with 'you have to take the whole package'.  Shaw, you missed out on the $10 per month I was prepared to pay for these.

My suggestion is to survey clients with a list of channels that could be available in Canada to gauge interest.  It's the only way to aggregate interest rather than wait for individual requests.

And how about the content of existing channels?  I'm an avid documentary watcher and am astounded by how the shows on Nat Geo, the Discoveries and History are seemingly 'dumbed down' each year.  Right now it's endless repeats of pickers, car restorers and crocodile wranglers.  Do the majority want this?

And, go figure, why 'Indiana Jones' should be shown on the History Channel?

I could, and I'm sure many of you out there too, could rant on for hours about this.  Cable, especially HD, is expensive, and we deserve content based upon our likes.  Ask us what we want, drop the stuff we don't and increase your revenue and loyalty.  Marketing 101 Shaw Cable....