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Node saturation and Fiber Optic Progress

Question asked by buzzard777 on Mar 20, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 25, 2013 by shaw-matt

Some time around the start of February, I posted about severe node saturation issues I've been having in my area (Castlegar, BC). I've been experiencing speeds lower than 0.4 megabits, which is approximately 50 kilobytes per second, and pings ranging from 200-300 during the day. We were supposed to have a fiber optic network implemented months ago, as opposed to this inadequate satellite-fed system. When support assisted me with that last topic, I was told work on the issue was scheduled for the start of March, which would fix it (I'm assuming this was hooking my area up to the new system). About 2-3 weeks after, I heard from a Shaw employee (in person) that they have received the "OK" to work on the cable lines. From the same employee, I was told that the network upgrade would be completed for mid-March. If I were to be a jerk and be exact about it, I could complain that mid-March was the 15th, 5 days ago, but I understand that the perception of that time frame somewhat deserves leniency.



Point being, I'd like a progress update on the fiber optic upgrades. I'm willing to wait for a couple more weeks for the speed issue to get resolved before I consider switching to a different ISP.