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New Device Devastates Internet for a Few Days...

Question asked by superninja on Mar 21, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 27, 2013 by [shaw]tegan

Hi, just got Shaw (product 20) for the first time about 2 months ago.


My set up is: 1 floor apartment with the router and modem in the living room, next to an Apple TV and 5 meters from a desktop computer with a wifi-adapter. Also use an iPhone 5 and acer laptop.


The first day I got Shaw I tried using the internet on my laptop and it lagged horribly for about 2 days.  It wasn't "usable", the speeds were horrendously bad, like 15kb dl speeds and couldn't load a webpage.  Afterwards it was fine and I have had great speeds and reliability since then.


2 days ago I set up a new desktop and the same thing has happened. The desktop is in fine working order, as is the adapter. Now all the gadgets that use the internet do not work. By do not work I mean struggle to load a single web page. What's interesting to note is that whenever I put my desktop computer in sleep mode and wake it up, the internet is normal for a few seconds and the desktop can get great speeds. For example, I started up HOTS install and when I wake the computer out of sleep mode it goes at 1.5 mbs per second install, (has to dl from online), then about 30 seconds later it goes down to 24kbs.


(No virus/malware issues btw or anything like that).  The laptop can work normally as can the iPhone, until I start up the desktop which devastates everything. I had the same situation happen with adding the laptop and when friends bring over devices.


What is going on?