2013 Billing cycle changes

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First, sorry if this is in the wrong section. I couldn't figure out where to post it.


I received a letter in the mail saying the billing cycle system at Shaw is changing in 2013

I am previously on a 3 month billing cycle, and Shaw has indicated to me that they will be moving me, and several hundred

others on a 1 month billing cycle to.  I find this change unfair because our family is on a low-income budget, and we have

had to remove channels to keep up to payment. Infact we are on a basic standard definition package because our family rarely watches television these days. We are trying to save the most that we can. We have a been a loyal customer for over a decade. The rep was apologetic, however,

I realize nothing can be done in my situation. That is very troubling how you have treated your most loyal of customers, in which you are moving

us to a one month billing cycle, and giving us no say what-so-ever. I understand your company has to make changes to meet industry standards, but it seems the customer comes last in these types of decisions.




Petty-6908 (13:33:28):

"We are completing this change to bring us in line with industry standards. All customers will be moved over to a 1 month cycle."