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PVR guide never loads

Question asked by rcsouler on Mar 23, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 2, 2013 by schallis

So I have a Shaw Motorola PVR model DCT3416 I and recently moved. In my new place I plugged it in and after about 3 weeks I noticed more and more shows on the guide started showing up as 'To Be Announced'. Some days the Guide said I have a PVR, some days it said DVR...

Now today every single show in the guide is 'TBA' and the time consistently reads 12:00am. Try to make any recording and I have to manually set date, time and channel, but nothing records. I can't even select any TBA show in the guide.

I've tried unplugging the PVR and into numerous outlets but this does nothing.


please help.

Sorry if this is a repeated question but I could not find a working answer to this problem.