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router showing wrong WAN IP address

Question asked by uwish on Mar 23, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 24, 2013 by uwish

  I just upgraded from BB50 to BB100 on shaw. I noticed when I went to check my 'fish cam' and wireless IP camera that it could not connect. I have my DDNS set up correctly to a static IP address behind my router, which is port forward so I can see the image remotely.

I went to check my router setting and I noticed my WAN IP address is not correct. It is saying .0.10 on a NAT IP address when I know my WAN IP is 184.64...

Hence I can't see any of my internal IP cameras remotely...anyone else ever seen this issue???? How can my router be showing a WAN IP # as a NAT address but when I do a check IP, it's a valid IP address from an external IP trace site??

I have tried resetting the modem and releasing/renewing my router IP without any luck...