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Upgraded to 50mbps and having problems

Question asked by jmallain on Mar 26, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 31, 2013 by [shaw]ali

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Alright this is seriously frustrating. We upgrade to a higher internet speed one day and ever since then I've wanted to throw things.

At first I was streaming videos from my computer to my lg tv. After about 5 minutes into my video the wireless connection would just crap out on me. It would start back up again and as soon as I've watched another 5 minutes of my video it would crap out again. Its been doing this non stop for 2 weeks now. We had a shaw employee come and give us a new wireless modem thinking that would fix the problem. Clearly it did not. Now at this point I decided to plug in directly because I was getting sick of this BS. But my internet keeps screwing up even plugged in. We unplugged the modem. We were told to change channels for the connection basically dead end advice since now its not only the wireless that's the issue. Wired connection is now slow too. I need a real solution to this problem because what's the point of paying 75bucks a month for the same speed we had before actually its even worse. Is it the company? Should we switch internet providers? Someone help!