Shaw On Demand (TV) is rather disappointing!

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I'm really disappointed with the offerings from SOD (TV). Lets use History, which Shaw owns, as the example.


Shaw On Demand (History)


Where's American Restoration, Vikings, Yukon Gold, Big Rig Bounty Hunters, Counting Cars.......let me just do it this way....


This is what History offers in shows:



Air Aces
American Pickers
American Restoration
Ancient Aliens
Ancients Behaving Badly
Battle Castle
The Bible
Big Rig Bounty Hunters
Bomb Hunters
Brad Meltzer's Decoded
Cajun Pawn Stars
Canadian Made
Canadian Pickers
Chasing Mummies
Counting Cars
Dig WW2
Great Lake Warriors
The Hangman's Graveyard
History's Secrets
Ice Pilots NWT
Ice Road Truckers
Life After People
Mankind: The Story of All of Us
Mountain Men
Museum Secrets
Outback Hunters
Outlaw Bikers
Pawnathon Canada
Pawn Stars
Secret Life Of...
Shark Wranglers
Storming Juno
Swamp People
Treasure Trader
War Junk
War Story
World War II in HD
Yukon Gold is what SOD offers:'s the rest???? 43 vs 9.

I am missing the first episode of Vikings, but have the next 3 episodes on my PVR. The 2 episodes offers, I have on my PVR. There are only 4 episodes........why are there only 2 on And no Vikings at all on SOD?

So now I have to wait till the first episode airs again......and it is not listed in the "See all times" (So more than 2 weeks from now.) I tried watching it on, but it simply does a quick buffer, then nothing happens.

Again, this is just History as the example, this is an issue with most anything I've tried to look for in SOD (TV).

SOD, plain and simple, for me, sucks rocks!! SOD should stand for "Shaw Overly Disappointing".