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Server issues in Lethridge?

Question asked by taz on Mar 29, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 12, 2014 by shaw-lance

  Curious only because since about 8 a.m. i am completely unable to stay connected to my game/websites.  Every time I finally get connected and up and running, 'Boom' I get the ole 'you have been disconnected' sign.  And yes, websites too.  Endlessly waiting for every site.  'Waiting for response from _____(insert site here ie'.  And yes ...... before you type from that sheet you follow that they give to every newb tech, i DO have router, i DID reset everything, i DON'T have issues from my Telus connection, i DO have issues on both wifi and wired.  i DID try 3 different routers and am now back on my new one.