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Flakey PVR 630

Question asked by cabosn on Mar 29, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 3, 2013 by cabosn

It's the power supply stupid. Well, maybe not always but I started  to become suspicious for several reasons.


1. Some things always work like the display but other things fail like hdmi or I would get a hangup on startup

2. Problems got worse as the weather here heated up.

3. The report that plugging the power brick in somewhere else was a solution seemed absurd unless it was really temperature that was the culprit.

4. The fact that the unit was alive but malfunctioning is consistant with a marginal power supply.


Sooo, I just measured it. 12v open circuit (normal) and 9 v when connected to the 630 (not so good)

I replaced the brick with a 12v 3 amp power supply from Radio Shack and the box which I have unsuccessfully been trying to bring to life with a hundred reboot attempts has suddenly come to life and works flawlessly. Could this be a common problem?????????