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Intermittent problem: During a call, recipient suddenly cannot hear caller. No dial tone available when hang up and recall is attempted

Question asked by conradnoll on Mar 30, 2013
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We have been experiencing this problem for well over a year.


The problem is intermittent. It seems to occur mostly during longer phone calls, over 15 min. in duration, although it can happen at any time in the phone call and sometimes we do not experience the problem for days or even weeks, but it always comes back. At the moment it is happening with most calls in excess of 15 min. or so and frequently enough that it has become a major nuisance.


What happens is as follows:


  1. During a call that is proceeding normally we can hear the person on the other end of the conversation but all of a sudden they can no longer hear us or they complain we are "breaking up".
  2. They hang up, or we hang up so we can reestablish the connection.
  3. We attempt to call them back but get no dial tone.
  4. The system (DPT?) appears to reset itself after a few minutes, the dial tone returns and we can call our party back and...  if we are lucky... continue our conversation.
  5. If the dial tone does not come back in a few minutes or if I get impatient, a "pinhole" reset of the DPT ( as per your "No Dial Tone on All Phones" document recommendations) fixes the problem, we once again get a dial tone and can dial out again.


The problem affects our wireless and our land line phones and also occurs when a land line phone is plugged directly into the "Tel 1/2" port of the DPT.


The DPT we have is a Motorola SBV5200 SURFboard.


So... do we need a new DPT or is there something else we should check first?