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strange new error message on my 3200, with "ekioh" logo

Question asked by bcb on Mar 31, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 2, 2013 by shaw-lance

I've had my 3200 for 3 months now, and experienced all kinds of issues with it, as reported in these forums. generally it's been stable recently, other than occasional sluggishness (I believe, at top or bottom of the hour, as others have suggested)


last night after returning home from vacation, I tried to turn on my 3200 but was greeted with a totally unfamiliar error message screen:

"ekoh - Error loading page 503 - service unavailable"

3200 error message.jpg

since I was away and not using the box for over a week, perhaps there was some new firmware update in that time?

and what is the "ekioh" with the unfamiliar orange/white square logo?


the 3200 would no do anything else, it was stuck on this screen until I power cycled it.


luckily my 3510 did not have this same error message whan I turned it on after getting home (however I still need to check whether or not it correctly recorded all my scheduled programs while I was away...)