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Required Wiring to Switch from Telus to Shaw

Question asked by tomv on Apr 3, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 3, 2013 by tomv

I am in the process of doing some research to switch from Telus to Shaw as my contract is nearly up.


My question is:


Will my current in home wiring (i.e. inside the walls) work with the switch?

Can I plug into the same coax wall jack and have it 'just work'?


My understanding is that Telus goes Phone->Modem->Coax->PVR. To me this means that the two coax wall jacks (i.e. one near the modem, one near the TV/PVR) are conencted to each other but not to any outside conenction. I don't know that for sure, nor do I know what setup Shaw uses.


Any advice on this would be greatly appreciated.