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SMC Router Wireless Connection Problems

Question asked by ascalgary on Apr 3, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 19, 2013 by ascalgary

We switched to BB50 about a year ago and Shaw supplied the SMC router.  The old ASUS, Gateway and Acer laptops (more than 2 years old) had no problem connecting wirelessly to the SMC router (using WPA2 PSK encryption) but both MacBook Pro and MacBook were unable to connect wirelessly while they can connect via an Ethernet cable.  We worked around that by using a cheap Netgear router connected to the SMC router via an Ethernet cable and broadcasting anonymously.  Since then, we bought an MacBook Air and it also was unable to connect wirelessly to the SMC router, so another machine had to connect to the Netgear router.  We just bought a new HP all in one touchsmart with Windows 8.  It had no problem connecting to the SMC via Ethernet but it failed to connect wireless.  Of the currently used wireless devices (MacBook Pro, MacBook Air and HP all in one), none of them can connect to the SMC router wirelessly.  Can you tell me why the SMC router doesn't work?