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New HD Box

Question asked by haroldsm on Apr 4, 2013
Latest reply on May 1, 2013 by reece32100

After trying to get used to this box. I have encountered a new issue. When watching a paused program, on the hour and half hour it jumps ahead to the live show. You have to rewind back to where you were, frustrating, and if you are still watching 30 minutes later, yup back to live again and you have to rewind once again.It didn't do this at the beginning but now it's on every channel. Also having an issue with the remote; if rewinding and you want to play it keeps rewinding on it's own and then you have to advance back to your show again. I am getting so frustrated with this box I am not watching as much TV as I was. Also. where are my channels going to? I now have blank lines where channels once were? Starting to lose faith in SHAW.