New HD BOX not easy to use

Discussion created by lannytaylor on Apr 4, 2013

I have have found that many things you could easily do with the remote on older boxes can't been done on the new HD Box.

The new HD Box is menu driven. For example on the old boxes I could easily use the remote's recording functions keys to

simply start recording or use the backward/forward keys when viewing a live program. If you push record on the new HD box

it does nothing, but requires you get to a menu to decide what you want. This requires many more key strokes and time.

The new HD box should provide a setting to allow you to use the remote to control recording functions as before.

This is not progress nor user friendly. I only wanted this box to view the mpeg4 channels, but didn't expect

that I would have to learn how to use the entire box over again.

I am considering returning the HD Box as my family hates what has been done and wants the more easy to use old box.