Tech support and PVR

Discussion created by elpana on Apr 4, 2013


Last night (April 3rd)  had a very frustrating and dissapointing experience. I got a brand new PVR (Which you forced me to get because most of my channels in my previous package went digital) and last night was going to be my first experience using it. I recorded a soccer game that I so wanted to watch. After two days of been out on the road doing out of town sales calls, all I wanted to do was to get home, put my PJ's on and watch my Champions League game between Real Madrid and Galatasaray.

When I checked the recording, it said that it had recorded it for 2 hours and 36 min and 45 seconds, however, 45 minutes into the recording, the video stopped and took me out to the menu where it asked me if I wanted to "resume" my show. After pressing the OK button several times, the video either stalled on the 45 min or would take me back to the beginning of the game.

I called tech support and unfortunately I was on hold for 48 min without someone coming to the phone (unlike customer service, it didn't give me the "call back" option). I then tried customer service which miracously got me into tech support.

With tech support, my box got rebooted but even then, my game got stalled at the 45 min.

By this point, I was livid because a few things had happend:

A) I didn't get to enjoy my soccer game

B) I was on hold for the first time for 48 min and no resolution

C) I got in touch with tech support but after been on the phone with them for another 40 min between rebooting the box and trying to figure out the "glitch", the problem wasn't resolved at all

D) I spent just under an hour and half of my precious leasure time dealing with a customer service group that made me wait horrendous amount of time and didn't get the issue resolved.


So, Shaw, please, please, please, get back to me with a proper resolution and make me feel validated because under your slogan, "together is amazing" I'm starting to doubt that because "together, I'm almost ready to split our business relation".



Andres H.

PS: I wrote on your facebook page and I got asked to explain my situation on this forum, so please, get back to me, personally!