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ABC and FOX audio/video is often out-of-sync, WHAT IS GOING ON?

Question asked by simplymagic on Apr 7, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 11, 2013 by simplymagic

ABC and FOX high definition A/V is often out-of-sync, most noticeable on the late news. Happens also with other programs, especially those that ar simulcast 2 channels. Is there a technical issue with my cable box, is the broadcast program simply wrong?

DWTS on ABC [206] 720p plays slightly out-of-sync while the same show simulcast on ABC [201] & CTV [212] 1080i have perfect sync. Hell's Kitchen on FOX [203] 1080i plays extremely out-of-sync, about 1/3 second, the simulcasts on CTY [213] 1080i and CTY [22] 480i play correctly. New Girl plays on CTY [213] 1080i perfectly, but is extremely out-of-sync on simulcast FOX [203] 1080i.

Attached are camcorder videos of New Girl and Hell's Kitchen programs to show my A/V sync problem. Also attached are the original ripped TS files copied from my Motorola cable box.

WHAT IS GOING ON? Why are there so many programs out-of-sync? How can video be in perfect sync on one simulcast channel and totally out on the other? Is the cable company at fault, or the network content providers, does anybody else notice?