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Internet connects drops or is slow.

Question asked by bennglen on Apr 7, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 8, 2013 by shaw-matt

I just bought a new wireless router as my 8 year old Linksys died last weekend. I struggled to set it up at home for some reason, it didn't like connecting to my Shaw modem. I took it to work and it was set up within minutes. I ran it at my office for a while and it worked very well.


I brought it home and connected it to the Shaw modem ( SB5100), and it worked as expected. First evening I had no issues with any of my devices. However on the 2nd evening I started seeing my connection have issues. My laptop would show I was connected to the wireless and had internet access but I’d struggle to get anything to load up browser wise. Sometime they would load but very slowly. I also found if I tried to ping I’d drop packets.


Now over the weekend I’ve been going through the same issue with all devices at home. I can be online for an hour or so with no issues then it would drop/go slow.


If I go to the network centre in windows, and click on the connections. I can hit diagnose. Every time I do this I get the same response that there was an issue with the gateway. Exact message is The default gateway is not available.


I can fix it through the network center or by cycling the power on my router or SB5100. However the issue returns later in the day again. One thing that should be noted, as stated my previous router was 8 years old, but my SB5100 is probably close to 9 years old. I’m wondering if this is just starting to have issues with its legacy.