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Internet connection dropping

Question asked by mustang_driver on Apr 8, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 8, 2013 by [shaw]tegan

I know this has probably been asked or answered before but it seems every weekend my internet connection drops and when i unplug/disconnect coaxial cable ground it to the back of modem leave it unplugged for a few minutes then hook everything back up again the modem does it's startup thing and i get connection for a few seconds then the modem starts with the reset over and over again


Power = Steady Green

Send   = Blinking Green

Receive = Blinking Green

Online   = Blinking Green

Pc Activity = Blinking Yellow Steady


i do get the modem to work fine for a while then it starts all over again hence why i can write this it works for a min then lost

I have a Motorola SurfBoard 5100 i don't know how to test and i know you need a Customer S/N but i have had to reset it so often that a number or letter is missing and can't give the whole number