Stop: "On time" cutting of end of shows and leading to recording conflicts

Discussion created by gamerguy on Apr 10, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 13, 2013 by canonbie8

I know this isn't a Gateway specific issue seeing my old Pace box did it to but using "Stop: On time" tends to cut off the tail end of the show. It's always been this way.


The current "fix" is to extend the recording by 1 min. The problem with that is I then need 2 tuners to record 2 shows that air one after another on the same station. (To get all of both shows in one "package".) The first tuner has to finish out the extra minute so the following show has to use a second tuner. This leads to recording conflicts where if I didn't use extend 1 minute it would not be an issue. Limiting my 6 tuner PVR to 4-5 shows/tuners depending on how many shows are being recorded/extended. (5-7PM is where I have the most conflicts.) I try and sort it out the best I can by recording later airings of some shows, but that is not always an option.


"Stop: On time" needs to be extend by about 20-30 seconds to truly fix this issue. "Start: On time" may need to be delayed a few seconds to compensate but over all it starts where one expect it to. I never miss the beginning of a show, and even if I did, it's usually "last time on"/etc so you don't really miss anything important.


Is this something that is known to Shaw, and will it ever be fixed?


I just really want my 6 tuners to be able to record 6 shows all the time, every time it's needed.