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Good Day


Over the years the customer care portal has changed and evolved, some good, some bad, but there are a few features that have disappeared over the years, and was wondering if its possible that these will ever come back.


1. Under the manage ratings for your digital cable boxes, you used to be presented with a list of all your active serial numbers of the boxes on your account. I believe this was first put there back in the VOD days when you had to select which box to send the stream to, now that VOD is evolved, all the listings of the boxes (and you could name them - such as Bedroom) has disappeared. Myself having Multiple boxes, this was helpful when calling support, as I had the list right there. Now I have created an Excel sheet to keep track, but I do miss that feature. If they could provide a listing of all equipment on your account, I would appreciate it. (or have it as an optional add on to the customer care portal for those who want it)


2. Manage Telephone directory listings. This feature still appears but every time you go to access it, it gives errors and says to call customer care, this has been like this for over a year... is this being fixed any time soon?


3. Internet Usage Chart. This used to be listed on my account (I have never had a problem, but it was nice to track and see), this feature has been missing for quite a while, is this something that was taken away or do you need to ask to have it? I think if Shaw is "tracking" all our usage now - this should be on EVERY customers account so they can monitor it themselves as well


4. Add Pay TV channels. Ever since you have introduced the new packages, you can no longer view which packages you have on your account and any options to add others. I think if you are on classic B, T1, T32, T3 this option still works, but for any SPP customers this Add Pay TV Channels (or groups) does not work, and you would think they would want to make it easier for customers to give Shaw more money? I know your competitor here (MTS) offers customers the ability to ADD, REMOVE, and change services online... When's shaw going to enter 2005? (Amoung others they also have the ability to program their PVR's online, caller ID on TV, and local FM stations on the TV...you took away the Cable FM....why not add digital versions on the channel map....every other provider has this....)


5. The ability to view more than 6 months of bills.... personally every other provider offers at a bare minimum 18 months. Also personally I think the reasoning for this, is because Shaw likes to raise rates in April and September of each year and you just don't want us to see what we used to pay. Until Shaw offers longer viewing history online, many customers will steer clear of signing up for online billing - but this is just my opinion.


Overall I do like the customer portal, but it can always be improved

Thank you