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DCX3510-M series recording - randomly doesn't record program

Question asked by kayleesmum on Apr 13, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 25, 2013 by kayleesmum

Seems that the new HDGuide has a variety of series recording issues, although an update released on Feb 26/13 was to solve some. Here are our problems with a DCX3510-M HDPVR put into service on Feb 16/13


- series recording set up for a Mon-Fri soap opera on local Edmonton channel - does not record Friday episodes

- series recording set up for a Sunday morning program - has not recorded past two Sundays


- neither the Sunday morning or Friday afternoon program show in Scheduled recordings list

- have just changed episodes to record from default "new" to "all" - no change in the Scheduled recordings list


- checking the programs in the Guide, neither show a recording icon at all (Mon-Thur show the series recording icon for the soap)

- when setting each program to record manually via the Guide, we get a prompt about changing the series recording

- when we've manually set it to record the Friday program, we then get two recordings of at least the Monday and Tuesday episodes of the soap


This is extremely frustrating for everyone. I regret that I didn't return this unit and look for an older model with the old style guide (to add insult to injury, it's currently on sale for $50 less).


Any helpful solutions will be gratefully received.


Thank you.