AnsweredAssumed Answered guide listings are different than my Shaw Guide on my TV?

Question asked by glentreid on Apr 13, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 13, 2013 by hitesh

I want to PVR the Canucks hockey game at Noon on Saturday (tomorrow) on my HD channel 223.


The online guide from Shaw says that at Noon the game starts on channel 223 on Saturday.


My remote control for my DCX-3400-M PVR Guide displays a "soccer game" on channel 223 at Noon on Saturday?


I phoned Shaw Support just now and the tech. told me that the Guide is done by some other (unknown) company?


I did a manual record setup to PVR channel 223 on Saturday for 3 hours starting at Noon and I am hoping that the zap2it info is correct.


My question is why is the DCX3400 PVR guide not the same as the zap2it online info?


I am very sure that the Canucks Hockey schedule is the same tomorrow as it was months ago, but this UNKNOWN company that enters the details into my on screen PVR Guide can't get it right?


This is not something new, I have seen this problem for a LONG time now?


The Shaw support tech said that I could buy the newest PVR unit to get a "Better" on screen guide, but I would like to keep the PVR that I OWN NOW?


Thanks for your comments.