Yet another day with Canada's "fastest" internet.

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I don't want to come across as a whiny little child but from what you probably already saw below, you can understand my frustration. ^^^^^^ Average weekend speeds


This will be my third topic addressing the issue of the dial-up-like speeds of been getting. I've confirmed it time and time again that it is not on my end, but rather the outdated satellite fed network in the West Kootenays. Shaw has supposedly started working on laying fibre optics to link our area, the completion date being delayed over and over. After my first topic at the start of February, I was told work would be done to fix the issue at the start of March. That date passed by with no noticeable difference. I was then told in person that the fibre optic system would be fully implemented and in use by mid-March. After that never happened, I created yet another topic only to be told mid April. It seems other forum members have been given dates between April 1st and 5th as well. Honestly, I'm done waiting. This is the third time it's been delayed. If I can't get an accurate progress update for once, I'm going back to Telus. At least they offer consistent speeds when I want to use the internet. I would prefer they would be honest and tell me it would take 3-5 more months than be given the "next month" run-around repeatedly like they've been doing.




Took another ping test. My jumpy connection seems to have settled down a bit as opposed to a few minutes ago...