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Anyone else have these problems?

Question asked by cathywagner on Apr 14, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 15, 2013 by [shaw]andrew

Got my new hdpvr3510 4 days ago and allready had two major problems.  Tried to tape two movies at

the same time and got a message saying scheduling conflict.  Showed that I had set a taping on bravo, which I did not.  There was no red dot in the guide, no mention of it in the list or the future recordings.  By the time I figured out how to get rid of it, it was too late to get the start of the movie.

Tonight I tried to play back "Once Upon A Time",  About 2 minutes into the recording it all froze up, and the screen went black.  When I returned to live tv all the channels had black screens.  Had to reboot, which took about 10 min.  Channels came back, then a message came up saying there was a recording error, now the show is not there anymore!!!  I had bought the 3400 model previous to this and it never had a problem, but somehow I thought I was purchasing the 3510, but somehow bought the wrong one from Future Shop.  They were good enough to exchange it for me, but now I am not sure I did the right thing.  Sure hope this isn't going to be a continuing problem!!