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How do I NOT record a series recording?

Question asked by yendor on Apr 15, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 15, 2013 by wolfdarkstar

I run into this issue often and have mentioned it to techs on the phone but nothjing has come of it and they always say they have not heard about it before.  When there are 2 or more series recordings at a time and I don't want to record any of them it is often impossible.  When I tell the pvr to not record a show, it changes one of the other shows I have said to not record back to record.  It doesn't matter how many times or what order I "not record" them.  The answer I have received on the phone has been to delete the series recording.....duh, then my series won't record....I don't know why they don't understand and won't address the issue.  I always have to go back and delete the recording that I didn't want to record in the first place.  This is really a pain when I am out of town for a week or two and my drive is close to full.


This is unbelievably frustrating.  Can't the software be fixed?  It seems like an easy thing to do.  Don't record should always mean don't record!


I am using a DCX3400-m right now but it has been an issue for years on all of my units.